Healthcare sensor platform for wearables

Healthcare sensor platform for wearables

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By Ally Winning

With Maxim’s Health Sensor Platform 3.0 (HSP 3.0), manufacturers of wearables can save at least six months of development time, promises Maim Integrated. The MAXREFDES104# reference design, intended for wrist wear, monitors blood oxygen saturation (SPO2), electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate (HR), body temperature and exercise. The included algorithms provide information on heart rate Heart Rate Variability (HRV), respiratory rate (RR), SPO2, body temperature, sleep quality and stress levels at a clinical level. The reference design allows developers of wearable applications to start data acquisition directly.

Although the HSP 3.0 was primarily developed for wrist measurement solutions, it can also be adapted for dry electrode applications such as breast patches or intelligent rings.

Compared to its predecessor, the Health Sensor Platform 2.0 (HSP 2.0), the HSP 3.0 also offers optical SPO2 measurement and dry electrode functions for ECG. This enables end-use applications for monitoring cardiac and respiratory problems for the treatment of conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), infectious diseases (e.g. COVID-19), sleep apnea and atrial fibrillation (AFib). HSP 3.0 also features a smaller form factor and an advanced optical architecture, which results in higher quality signal acquisition. The platform uses improved microcontroller, power, safety and sensor ICs. The reference design includes complete optical and electrode designs and algorithms to meet clinical requirements.

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