Heliatek completes world’s first BIOPV concrete façade installation

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The HeliaFilms were installed at the premises of Reckli China in PuDong, Shanghai.  

Reckli and Heliatek have agreed on a development partnership for a green building solution based on HeliaFilm together with structured matrices of concrete, using building envelopes to generate power. Reckli  is a world leading producer of elastic matrices for concrete.

"Heliatek’s leading OPV technology is working perfectly in combination with the concrete façade application for BiPV, since it is ultra-light, thin and highly efficient. The harvesting power remains strong even under suboptimal light and temperature conditions.  Thus the film can be directly attached to the concrete and no extra cooling or ventilation system is needed.  With this BiPV solution, the CO2 balance will be drastically increased, without neglecting aesthetic aspects, " explained Dr. Bernd Trompeter, Managing Director of Reckli GmbH.

"HeliaFilm combined with Reckli’s architectural concrete solutions are delivering a long-sought solution for Chinese architects and building planners. Concrete structures are being enriched with HeliaFilm to generate power and at the same time keeping an aesthetical appeal," commented Dr. Thomas Bickl, VP Sales & Marketing.  "This pioneering installation will set the precedent for similar BIOPV installations around the world to achieve the requirements for carbon neutral buildings that are self sufficient in generating their own power requirements."

The Reckli China office was chosen for installing the first HeliaFilm concrete façade on an East, West and South facing façade in order to demonstrate the superior harvesting factor under various mounting conditions that often occur in real world BIPV applications.  The power generated by each façade is being individually monitored for comparison purposes.  The installed capacity of around 20 square metres amounts to 0.62 kWp and the generated energy is used internally.

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