Hella books several series orders for e-vehicles

Hella books several series orders for e-vehicles

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Automotive supplier Hella reports numerous series orders from the electrification and energy management market segments. Customer projects include high-voltage battery management, actuator technology and intelligent battery sensors.

For the first time, Hella will put a battery management system into series production in the US market and supply a transport vehicle manufacturer there. The market launch will take place as part of a partnership with the Los Angeles-based start-up company AMP, a provider of energy management solutions for electromobility. In this context, Hella will initially act as an industrialization partner and is expected to start series production at its site in Amexhe (Mexico) in the first half of 2025. Also part of the collaboration is an investment in AMP made by Silicon Valley-based venture capital arm Hella Ventures.

The company is adding another key component to its existing electrification portfolio with a new electronic valve actuator (eVA). The eVA is used for precise control of valves within thermal management systems. This helps to ensure that coolant is directed as needed. In this way, the service life and efficiency of lithium-ion batteries can be increased, thus increasing the ranges of electric vehicles. The eVA is based on a cost-optimized, modular approach and is available in two different torque categories. Hella will supply this to an electric platform of a German car manufacturer; production start is scheduled for 2025 at the Hella electronics plant in Bremen (Germany).

The third customer order involves the development and production of intelligent battery sensors (IBS). Hella describes itself as the global market leader in this market segment and points to the more than 130 million sensors it has supplied since 2000. The new series project will equip the electric and hybrid platform of a German premium manufacturer. The sensor measures current, voltage and temperature directly at the battery and thus plays an important role in energy management. At the same time, a key development focus was on redundant product design to meet functional safety requirements for automated driving functions. Series production is expected to start in Arad (Romania) at the end of 2025.

Furthermore, Hella has received a new order for micro actuators from a major Chinese automotive manufacturer. The actuators will be used in its e-vehicle platform and ensure the safe locking of the charging plug during the charging process. Series production will start in Xiamen (China) in 2024.

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