Hermetic high-frequency packaging for applications up to 80 GHz

Hermetic high-frequency packaging for applications up to 80 GHz

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Sensitive electronic components require reliable protection, particularly in the high-frequency range. Increasing miniaturization, however, poses further challenges to the design of the parts. These problems can be solved by using HTCC (High Temperature Cofired Ceramics) ceramic multilayer feedthroughs to achieve an extremely compact yet powerful connection between a large number of electrical feedthroughs to produce a hermetically sealed unit.

High-frequency feedthroughs based on HTCC multilayer ceramic are extremely compact and allow for highly miniaturized assembly and connection technology for bandwidths up to 40 GHz. Microelectronic housings with customer-specific geometry optimized SMA, SMP and SMPM connectors, which, depending on the design, are even suited for high-frequency applications up to 80 GHz in special cases. These components are used in radar, satellite communications, astronautics and space exploration.

“We work closely with our customers to develop and manufacture HTCC feedthroughs with excellent high-frequency characteristics in terms of insertion loss, reflection loss and crosstalk thanks to their innovative designs,” explains Dr. Thomas Zetterer, Development Engineer at SCHOTT Electronic Packaging.

Depending on the design, this can be achieved for a bandwidth up to 40 GHz. The thermal conductivity of the high-frequency packaging that many applications in the area of aerospace technology require can be achieved by using the right combination of materials and geometries. HTCC high-frequency feedthroughs from SCHOTT not only meet the typical design rules for HTCC ceramics but can also be realized in a reasonable manufacturing requirement regime.

Standard connectors often do not meet the high requirements for connectors that are used to couple high-frequency signals into high-power packages. Here, SCHOTT also offers hermetic high-frequency SMA, SMP and SMPM connectors based on glass-to-metal technology in modified geometries to ensure that the interfaces of the microwave packages deliver the required high-frequency performance. They can even be customized to meet individual requirements. The company always delivers its connectors together with a housing that they are hermetically soldered to.

“We can supply hermetic microwave packages for high-frequency applications with bandwidths up to 80 GHz by optimizing the high-frequency connectors to suit our customers’ needs,” explains Michael Tratzky, Sales Manager for Opto-Electronics at SCHOTT Electronic Packaging.

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