Hermetically sealed aluminum electrolytic capacitor rated up to 250Vdc

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By Julien Happich

These unique components feature a true glass-to-metal seal that prevents dry-out of the capacitor electrolyte. As a result, they provide 5,000 hours of operational life.

The hermetic Slimpack is an offshoot of the well-established non-hermetic Flatpack series.  The new MLSH Slimpack can be used as a replacement for parallel and series banks of wet tantalum capacitors for both new and existing designs. The MLSH Slimpack devices measure 1.0”x1.5”x0.5”, weigh less and have more capacitance than a parallel bank of three or more wet tantalum capacitors. High rated capacitance is maintained at temperatures as low as -55 °C, a key requirement for power supplies used in military and aerospace applications. Top-end temperature rating is 125 °C. All devices in the MLSH Slimpack series feature rugged stainless steel cases with a vibration rating of 80g.

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