High accuracy 24bit SAR ADC simplifies integration

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By Nick Flaherty

Analog Devices (ADI) has launched its next generation of 16 to 24bit successive approximation register (SAR) data converters for instrumentation, industrial and healthcare applications

The high precision SAR analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs) use ADI’s Easy Drive technology. This eliminates many traditional system-level design challenges such as strict layout guidelines, rigid digital interface timing requirements and the selection of companion products. A flexible SPI serial interface eases the host processor and ADC integration by providing easy-to-meet timing requirements.

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The first in the pin-compatible SAR ADC family of six is the AD4630-24 with 24bit dual-channel, simultaneous sampling at 2 MSample/s per channel. This has an integral non-linearity error (INL) of 0.9 parts per million (ppm), which is a 4x improvement over previous devices, a signal to noise ratio (SNR) of 105.7dB and a dynamic range of 109dB with a 5V reference. A block averaging filter with programmable decimation ratio can increase dynamic range up to 155.5dB.

The ADC integrates a reference buffer and all critical decoupling components into a chip scale ball grid array (CSP-BGA) package, cutting the board footprint in half.

The dual channel AD4630-24 and single channel AD4030-24 24bit 2Msps device are available now, priced at $30.95 in 1,000 unit quantities in a 64-ball 7mm x 7mm x 1.72mm CSP. Four more SAR ADCs with 16bit and 24bit resolution will launch throughout this year.

An evaluation kit, the EVAL-AD4630-24FMCZ, is available at $199.00.

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