High-bay luminaire comes with a lens in front of every LED

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For low energy consumption, the Graft is dimmable and equipped with a passive cooling system with powder-coated cooling fins. The innovative lens technology ensures even light distribution across the hall area and at the same time an effective illumination of high racks. It also made it possible to transform the circular cone of light into a rectangular one. Compact dimensions and low weight ensure easy installation.

The Graft is available in two versions – the Graft 330 with a radiation intensity of up to 13.500 lm, and the Graft 660 with 27.000 lm. The power consumption is 135W and 270W, respectively. Both luminaires offer an efficiency of up to 100 lm/W and are available at light colors of 4000K (warm white) and 6.500K (neutral white).


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