High flex PIM test lead optimised up to 4GHz

High flex PIM test lead optimised up to 4GHz

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The PIM test lead features a highly flexible, rugged and reliable construction and the company has designed the TL-P to be very durable with more than 2000 mating cycles achievable under normal working conditions. Optimised up to 4GHz, the TL-P PIM test lead is equally suitable for Return/Loss (RL) testing.

Available in cable lengths of 1.5 or 3m, key values include a PIM figure greater than -117dBm (tested to IEC62037-2), return loss (up to L = 3m) of under 20dB at 4GHz and attenuation up to 0.90dB/m at 3GHz.

The TL-P can handle power levels to 560W at 1GHz and has a shielding effectiveness greater than -120dB. All test lead assemblies are 100% tested for PIM, return loss and attenuation and come with a PIM test report and connector protection caps.

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