High frequency RF SOI mixer covers 10 to 19 GHz

High frequency RF SOI mixer covers 10 to 19 GHz

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

This complete MMIC is based on the company’s UltraCMOS technology and provides reliable, repeatable and consistent frequency-mixing. It is ideal for test and measurement systems and Ku band earth terminals such as very small aperture terminal (VSAT) and point-to-point communication systems.

Image reject mixers provide an integrated phase-canceling capability by removing the unwanted image signal from the output. This type of mixer reduces the number and complexity of the filters required in a system, resulting in minimized board space and design effort. The PE41901 is the company’s first image reject mixer and its first mixer at high frequencies.

The UltraCMOS PE41901 is a passive double-balanced, Ku band mixer with image rejection. It integrates two mixers, a local oscillator (LO) path 90-degree coupler and RF port baluns on a single die. Integrating these functions provides good image rejection, reduces LO leakage and improves LO to RF isolation. This mixer operates with single-ended signals on the RF and LO ports, and it can be used as an upconversion or downconversion mixer. It supports a broad RF frequency range of 10 to 19 GHz. The intermediate frequency (IF) port accepts broadband quadrature signals from DC to 4 GHz, while the LO port covers a frequency range of 12 to 19 GHz.

The PE41901 delivers high LO to RF isolation of 38 dB and LO to IF isolation of 23 dB. It has high linearity of 21 dBm IIP3. The mixer has low conversion loss of 10 dB and achieves image rejection of 25 dB. No external blocking capacitors are required if 0 VDC is present on the LO or RF pins.

“Peregrine’s UltraCMOS high frequency portfolio debunks the industry’s perceived boundaries of RF SOI technology,” says Kinana Hussain, director of marketing at Peregrine Semiconductor. “The PE41901 image reject mixer joins Peregrine’s 40 GHz switch and MPAC product family in demonstrating the high frequency capabilities of RF SOI technology. It is our UltraCMOS technology platform that enables Peregrine to reach these high frequencies without compromising performance or reliability.”

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