High-integration battery charge IC for space-limited designs

High-integration battery charge IC for space-limited designs

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By Graham Prophet

Functions include including linear battery charging, a 150 mA Low Drop-Out voltage regulator, two SPDT (Single-Pole/Double-Throw) load switches, a smart reset/watchdog function, and a Protection Circuit Module that protects the battery from damage under fault conditions.


All the STBC02 functions are simply controlled via the SWIRE protocol that requires only one microcontroller I/O pin, while the small amount of current drawn from the battery during normal operations enables longer battery life.


– An integrated Protection Circuit Module allows the device to be used with Li-ion batteries without any other protection chip;

– An integrated power path allows the battery to be charged and the overall system to be powered at the same time;

– Embedded Smart Reset/Watchdog enhances system reliability, with full recoverability in case of software failure;

– Adjustable Vbatt floating voltage allows the use of different Li-ion chemistries and also offers the possibility to implement customized charging strategies;

– 10 nA shutdown current, extending shelf battery life;

– On-demand battery surveillance for the system controller.


The STBC02 is priced at $1.10 (1,000).




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