High-operating-temperature MCUs extend 8-bit industrial line

High-operating-temperature MCUs extend 8-bit industrial line

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STM8S103F3U3, based on ST’s STM8 16 MHz 8-bit core and peripherals that include a 10-bit ADC, two 16-bit capture/compare timers, an 8-bit general-purpose timer, UART, SPI and I²C, exceeds the performance and features of other devices in the sector. An 8 kByte Flash, a 1 kByte RAM, and 640 Bytes of data EEPROM provide on-chip storage for Access Line target applications.

The 20-pin UFQFPN20 package is the smallest in the current STM8S range, and is specified at 125°C. Its space-efficient 3 x 3 mm outline has 16 user I/Os providing access to the integrated MCU features. Wide operating-voltage range of 2.95V to 5.5V gives flexibility to interface with legacy 5V circuitry or with lower-voltage low-power logic.

STM8 microcontrollers benefit from innovative implementation of the 125°C test flow at the wafer electrical test stage rather than after packaging. This has allowed continued use of proven high-parallelism final-test technology without modification to integrate high-temperature testing.

STM8S103F3U3 is priced from $0.46 (1000).



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