High-performance IMU targets virtual and augmented reality applications

High-performance IMU targets virtual and augmented reality applications

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The BMI085 IMU is aimed at demanding virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications as well as other applications, such as navigation, body/human motion tracking and high-end gaming. The combination of an extremely low-drift gyroscope with a low-noise accelerometer allows for the ultra-precise instantaneous detection of head movements, reducing time lag to an almost imperceptible minimum and significantly reducing the unpleasant motion sickness effect in end applications.  The IMU delivers a low motion-to-photon latency of less than 3ms and achieves near perfect stability in environments with high temperature fluctuations as often encountered in continuous HMD (head-mounted display) or AR headset scenarios. The sensor’s accelerometer has rock-solid temperature stability, with a low temperature coefficient offset (TCO) of typically less than 0.2 mg/K and temperature coefficient sensitivity (TCS) of only 0.002 %/K. Bias instability of the gyroscope is typically below 2 °/h. A closed-loop analog-to-digital conversion mechanism ensures low drift characteristics even in high-fluctuation temperature environments. The accelerometer achieves a noise density of under 120 μg/√Hz and the IMU’s accuracy is further boosted by data synchronization of the accelerometer and gyroscope. The BMI085 comes in a 3.0×4.5×0.95mm³ package and is pin-to-pin compatible with Bosch’s BMI055 IMU, making design migration to the new BMI085 extremely smooth and effortless.

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