High performance oscilloscopes with 2 or 4 analogue and 16 digital input channels

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By Nick Flaherty

The MSO5000 family supports bandwidths from 70 MHz to 350 MHz (bandwidth upgrade possible) and a sampling rate of 8 GS/s for research and development, universities and schools, production and quality control in the automotive, communications and aerospace industry and power electronics.

For the acquisition and processing of measurement data and large data sets, a storage depth of up to 200 million points is available as an option, while a signal acquisition rate of up to 500,000 wfms/sec can capture, display and evaluate fast signal sequences.

Trigger, math and display capabilities (extended FFT of 1 million points, mask test, jitter and power analysis) are available like all common serial bus protocol analysis and trigger functions. Integrated voltmeters, frequency counters and an optional 2-channel arbitrary function generator complete the entire measuring range (7-in-1 device). Various interfaces such as USB, LAN (LXI), HDMI and GPIB (adapter) as well as USB mouse support are available.

As a special feature Rigol offers all enhancements, such as higher bandwidths, MSO with 16 digital channels, memory expansion to 200 Mio.Pts., 4 input channels (70 and 100 MHz devices) and the 2-channel Arb waveform generator functions via a software upgrade.

A range of active and passive probes, high-voltage probes and 19in mounting frames, software drivers for popular packages and high-level languages, as well as free UltraScope operating software and web remote control are also available.


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