High performance PWM controllers target energy efficient solutions for home electronics

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The NCP1234 and NCP1236 family allows high performance offline power supplies to be designed into systems, while minimizing the footprint and board space area required. Utilizing a high voltage process technology, they integrate multiple features such as over power compensation, brownout (NCP1236 only) and ramp compensation without increasing power dissipation or adding external components.

High voltage Dynamic Self-Supply (DSS) technology enables direct connection to the line voltage eliminating the need for startup resistors. This technology combined with the family’s ability to automatically decrease frequency at light loads before entering skip mode, ensures maximum efficiency across the entire load range.

Packaging and Pricing

The NCP1234 and NCP1236 are available in two frequency options, 65 kHz or 100 kHz with the option to automatically recover, or latch off the device during a fault condition.  Housed in an SOIC-7 package, the pricing for these devices is $0.35 per unit for 10,000 unit quantities.
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