High power density converter offers energy savings for data centers

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Available in an industry-standard quarter-brick footprint, the new module, BMR453-0108/014, provides an output voltage of 12.45 V with an output current of 60 A, delivering a total output power of 711 W. The BMR453-0108/014 combines two Ericsson BMR453 series power modules, assembled in parallel and offers a power density as high as 33.38 W/cm2 while it embeds digital core controllers. Due to its built-in energy optimization capabilities, the BMR453-0108/014 delivers 96.9% efficiency at half load and up to 95.8% at full load.

Specially designed for data communications applications requiring high power and a regulated intermediate bus converter within a limited footprint, a key benefit of the BMR453-0108/014 is that it offers a 44 to 75 V input voltage range and is compatible with 48, 52 and 60 V systems.

Based on the BMR453 platform, the BMR453-0108/014 is the ideal product for powering networking applications such as network processing encryption, load balancing and managing data-center traffic, in addition to powering arrays of disk drives, which require a stable voltage to guarantee data integrity. The new product is also ideal for use in production and test systems, such as those used in the semiconductor industry.

Measuring 57.9 x 36.8 x 24.5 mm, the device’s footprint is fully compatible with ‘five-pin’ quarter-brick intermediate bus converters, also simplifying migration from static intermediate bus architectures to more advanced topologies such as Dynamic Bus Voltage.

Offering an MTBF (Mean-Time-Before-Failure) of 1.2 million hours, the BMR453-0108/014 meets safety requirements according to IEC/EN/UL 60950-1, and offers input/output isolation of 1500 V(dc) and protection features including over-temperature, over current, and over- and under-voltage.

The BMR453-0108/014 is available either with a baseplate for easy assembling to cold-wall cooling or with a built-on heatsink for use in forced-air-cooling applications.

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