High power M12 connectors carry up to 8-A on each contact

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This meant that designers had to specify larger circular or more cumbersome connectors such as mixed layout D types.  The new Binder connectors have modified screw termination cable clamps to accommodate wires of up to 1.5 mm² and with a larger cable outlet cables up to 10 mm diameter can be used.

The new high power Binder M12 connectors can carry 8 A at 250 V on the 4-pole versions while the 5-pole can carry 4 x 8 A and 1 x 2 A at 125 V.  The contacts are gold plated in order to reduce the transfer resistance and lost heat value.

These new connectors are rated at 100 mating cycles, are IP67 rated and will find applications in industrial sensors, instrumentation, automation systems and similar equipment.

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