High-power UV LEDs ensures reliability at higher temperature

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The devices come in a range of output powers, package formats and wavelength options ranging from 365 nm to 420 nm and radiometric power from 320 to 7000 mW.

The high power UV LED range is suited to demanding industrial applications such as polymer curing, ink curing, counterfeit detection, aquarium lighting, medical and DNA sequencing, and features a vertical chip structure on a patented metal alloy substrate, offering advances in optical output and high thermal conductivity.

“UV LED technology is playing an increasing role in industrial design,” said Adrian Amor, Director at ILS. “The new high power UV LED range pushes the boundaries of what is possible. The high power LED offers a more efficient and more robust solution for engineers working to develop demanding applications that require a UV light source.”

“For those exploring UV LED technology for the first time, our team at ILS are able to provide design support and prototyping within the European market place.  We also have the capability to deliver production LED and assemblies to wherever in the world that the customer’s manufacturing or assembly is being undertaken.”

For designers wishing to evaluate and prototype with the new high power UV LED range, star boards with wires, strips and component LEDs will be available through RS Components.

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