High quality LED packages at economic prices

High quality LED packages at economic prices

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By Julien Happich

Aiming at providing its highest efficiency product ever, Everlight now breaks through technical barriers to provide the 5630 HE KK7D-ELB (0.2W) which achieves 210-220 lm/W (5000K) and excels with a tight 3SDCM ellipse binning for maximum color consistency.

This newest ultra-high efficiency version of its low/mid-power 5630 package series, available in mass production now, achieves 210-220 lm/W which makes it Everlight’s highest efficiency product at present. Using thermal plastic materials with high reflection, high lifetime, and improved optical structures, the 5630 HE KK7D LED series is optimized to obtain this industry-high optical efficiency without modifying the circuit and PCB layout compared to previous versions. Thus the amount of necessary LEDs or power used can significantly be reduced to save energy for the whole application.

Excellent Overdrive Performance on 5630HE Series

Using PCT instead of PPA as housing material results in a higher level of reflectance especially at higher temperatures, allowing for an improved efficiency up to 220lm/W which equals the most efficient 5630 LEDs in the market. Inside, the 5630 HE KK7D-ELB LED features two chips connected in parallel, a reduced forward voltage at a consistent nominal current flow and two large solder pads, a very modern design. This ensures an easy 1:1 replacement of Everlight’s previous version KK5D-ELB and KK6D-ELB as well as solder pad designs of comparable off-the-shelf 5630 LEDs.

For example, customers designing a 2000lm linear fixture using Everlight’s 210-220lm/W 5630 HE KK7D-ELB LEDs need less than 12 watts of power consumption from the LEDs. This very high efficiency of the LED versus comparable current LED products results in energy savings of the complete system design up to 30-40%– ideal for a broad range of professional, commercial and industrial lighting applications. These include surface illuminated LED panels as well as linear light applications such as LED tubes, downlights, backlighting, industrial luminaires, outdoor lighting and architecture lights.

High Reliability on 5630HE Series

The previous versions 5630 HE KK5D-ELB (195lm/W at 5000K) and KK6D-ELB (205lm/W at 5000K) are in mass production as well.


Mid-power 2835 LED package with different voltage selections for general lighting applications

An industry new, the popular mid power top-view white LED package in a 2835 form factor (2.8×3.5×0.7mm) is now available in four voltages 3-6-9-18 at 0.5W and two voltages 6-9 at 1W. Target applications are general, here especially consumer, commercial, and professional lighting.

With a fabulous low Dollar per lumen ratio, the 2835-ELB package, an upgrade from standard 3528, has become one of the most popular products among all Everlight lighting packages. Due to a newly designed heat slug, this new LED maintains its compact size with an even lower profile and can easily be overdriven to achieve maximum flux.

The integrated copper core of Everlight’s 2835-ELB ensures that power dissipated by the LED chip is directly transmitted to the PCB or heatsink via the solder pads at the bottom side of the LED. Compared to traditional PLCC packages like the 3528 (same size however with lateral solder points), this results in a significantly lower thermal resistance, lower chip temperatures and, consequently, higher efficiency and product lifetime. On the one hand this allows the 2835-ELB LED to be operated in a conservative mode to achieve maximum efficiency. On the other hand, it can also operate in an overdriven mode at maximum current to minimize the amount of LEDs in the application.

This highly versatile package can accommodate a wide range of wattages and voltages which are necessary for optimizing lamp and fixture designs to ensure best system efficiencies and cost. The 0,5W version is available for four voltage options 3V, 6V, 9V and 18V. The 1W solution has two voltages for choice, 6V und 9V. Hereby, the electrical parameters and the LED count of the application can be optimally adapted to the desired power supply.

Especially a serial connection of 6V and 9V LEDs, well designed and combined with suitable on-board AC driver ICs, allow for AC operation without conventional power supply units.

Everlight’s 2835-ELB LED package offers
four voltages 3V, 6V, 9V and 18V at 0.5W and
two voltages 6V and 9V at 1W.

Each of these 2835-ELB LEDs excel with high efficacies, high CRI options of >80 or >90Ra, high R9 options of >0 or >50, and easy to use lambertian light patterns. 3SDCM binning is available as well to keep chromaticity coordinates under tight control. These features make the 2835-ELB package a top solution for general lighting applications in private homes such as bulbs, lamps, fixtures, downlights, as well as commercial and professional applications like LED tubes, flexible LED stripes, LED panels, downlights, retrofits and backlighting.


High Power Shwo F-ELB – Flip Chip technology enables better overdrive maintaining high efficiency

This high lumen dense high-power compact SMD device is suitable for all lighting applications including general illumination, flash, spot, signal, industrial and commercial lighting. Everlight’s Shwo F-ELB devices can be driven at 1.0 Watt with a standard operating current of 350 mA or up to 5W with a standard operating current of 1500mA. The luminous flux of the 1.0W Shwo F-ELB is up to 165lm (152lm/W) at 6500K CCT or 130lm (120lm/W) at 3000K CCT when driven at 350mA of current. At 1500mA, the Shwo F-ELB can achieve 545lm at 6500K CCT or 430 lm at 3000K CCT.

Five new UV LEDs

The UV LED market is expected to grow rapidly in 2016 due to upcoming applications apart from the well-known printing technology. Emerging curing applications like UV paint and cosmetic curing, medical treatments, domestic disinfection and home appliances like photocatalytic air and water purifiers are as appealing as counterfeit checking.

To suit the full range from classic UV LED applications to curing equipment to home appliances, Everlight’s UV resistance, ceramic LED product portfolio covers wavelengths ranging from 365nm to 400nm.

Everlight’s five new UV LEDs cover wavelengths from 365 to 400nm for a range of applications.

Five new options are based on a special UV ceramic substrate to effectively improve heat resistance. High power (1.8W) components EAUVA35352 (3.5×3.5×2.31mm), EAUVA35353 (3.5×3.5×3.51mm) and EAUVA4545 (4.5×4.5×5.0mm) feature different viewing angles of 120°, 50° and 30°, respectively. Two lower power (0.08W) components complement the high power range. EAUVA3020 (3.0x2x0.65mm) excels with a very uniform light pattern and EAUVA2016 (2.0×1.6×0.75mm) is the smallest choice in the company’s UV LED portfolio.

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