High-reliability chip beads for automotive use

High-reliability chip beads for automotive use

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

In high-temperature environments, such as engine compartments, high-strength solder is increasingly used to prevent cracks in the connections between chip components and the substrate. Since high-strength solder is inflexible and transmits higher forces compared to conventional solder, it places additional stress on the components and, in the case of available chip beads, does not meet the reliability requirements of the automotive industry. With improvements in the terminal electrode material and coating process, the new MMZ1608-HE series provides a more reliable connection between the terminal electrode and coating, making it suitable for use with high-strength solder in environments with temperatures up to 150℃.

The four products in the new series have a maximum rated current of 200 to 300 ㎃ at 150 ℃, a maximum DC resistance of 0.15 to 0.5 Ω and an impedance of 120 to 1000 Ω, respectively.

Volume production of this series will begin in September 2021.

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