High-side gate driver improves line protection functions in vehicles

High-side gate driver improves line protection functions in vehicles

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Today’s cars feature numerous advanced driver assistance systems (FAS), with safety-critical applications requiring high availability. The implementation of automated driving functions poses an even greater challenge because of the high requirements for operational failure. In the area of primary power distribution, safety elements must therefore be introduced that enable fast fault isolation in less than 100 µs. Fuses cannot meet this requirement – only partial or complete electrification of the primary power distribution can. For this purpose, Infineon has developed an intelligent high-side MOSFET gate driver.

Electronic power distribution enables a safe and controlled flow of power from the source to the various load points in the vehicle. One of the biggest challenges for developers is to reduce the cost, length, weight and complexity of the wiring harness. The EiceDRIVER 2ED2410-EM is designed to meet these requirements. It is an intelligent high-side MOSFET gate driver for 12-/24-V automotive applications with integrated cable protection. With these features, the gate driver complements the 40/ 60-V OptiMOS MOSFETs from the same manufacturer.

The new gate driver has two output channels for two different MOSFET structures, either with common back-to-back source and a precharge path or with common back-to-back drain. The driver’s higher gate current for turn-on and turn-off allows the number of MOSFETs to be increased to handle larger load currents. Even at several hundred amps, it provides fast turn-off within microseconds, whereas classic fuses take several milliseconds to respond. In addition, the driver can operate at as low as 3 V – such low voltages can occur in the event of a short circuit before the faulty load is disconnected.


The product has three analog measurement interfaces and four integrated comparators for protection purposes. This allows flexible and versatile solutions for various requirements, including adjustable I-t cable protection, overcurrent protection, and over/under voltage protection, among others. Currents can be measured in both directions while simultaneously monitoring the drain-source voltage to detect conditions such as an open load at the output.

The adjustable cable protection function helps select the smallest possible wire gauge for the appropriate load behavior. In the past, cables had to be designed with a diameter margin of up to 30% over actual demand to account for the tolerance and aging effect of traditional fuses. To minimize battery discharge when the vehicle is parked, the component has a very low quiescent current consumption of only a few tenths of µA.

The 2ED2410-EM is already in volume production. The driver is PRO-SIL ISO26262-ready and a safety application note is provided for it to support the evaluation of hardware elements according to ISO 26262. To speed up the design-in process, various evaluation boards can be ordered, including the EB 2ED2410 3M.

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