High-speed backplane connector supports 40 Gb/s performance

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The overmolded leadframe assembly precisely locates balanced differential pairs within formed channels in a complementary ground plane, and this optimized structure prevents additional ground-mode resonances, demonstrates well-controlled impedance and zero skew, and exhibits minimal crosstalk throughout the connector. The ExaMAX connector technology provides a compact design similar to the AirMax connector external envelope for low cost flat rock press-block, lower PCB real estate usage and optimized cooling air-flow. An optimized PCB footprint with larger column spacing is used in the High Bandwidth version to allow for stitched ground vias that create a larger signal bandwidth and suppress footprint crosstalk between adjacent column pairs. The ExaMAX technology is adaptable to a wide range of system interconnect applications and will serve as the platform for a broad spectrum of designs for backplane, midplane, mezzanine, orthogonal, coplanar and cable I/O interconnects that address future requirements for serial data rates ranging up to 40 Gb/s.

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