High-speed Mezzanine connector for 112G connectivity

High-speed Mezzanine connector for 112G connectivity

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

A modular board-to-board Mezzanine connector from Yamaichi Electronics, designated YTM, is designed for 112G connectivity applications. Claiming to be the most sophisticated 112G modular Mezzanine concept on the market so far, the connector combines the highest density with total modularity and 112G PAM4 data rate. The modular concept enables the widest range of pin count and stacking height variations.

YTM is not just a mezzanine connector but a modular system with outstanding 112G signal integrity (SI) performance, the highest density and the largest scope in pin count and stack height.

The key part is the blade, the core of the Mezzanine connector. It consists of 96 pins. All pins have the same SI performance. The blades can be lined up like bricks up to 960 pins on a footprint of 30- x 60-mm.

For instance, the item shown in the image has 384 pins and a footprint of 30- x 24-mm. This is surprisingly small.

Without any interposer this connector allows stacking heights from 5 to 10 mm in 1-mm increments. However, with interposer it can be built up until 40 mm all while maintaining the 112G performance.

Key features of the YTM modular board-to-board Mezzanine connector includes:

  1. 112Gbps-PAM4 on all differential pairs.
  2. Huge stack variety of mating heights with plug and socket: 5 mm to 10 mm in gradual increments of 1 mm.
  3. Height extension with interposer: 11 mm up to maximum of 40 mm all while keeping 112G SI performance.
  4. Genderless connector design with two-point contacts for a better connectivity.
  5. 92 Ω impedance matching both 85 Ω and 100 Ω.
  6. Various pin counts: 192, 288, 384 up to 960 pins.
  7. Differential signal pairs up to 240 pairs (GSSG).


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