High-temperature-operation 60A /1200V power module uses SiC devices

High-temperature-operation 60A /1200V power module uses SiC devices

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CHT-PLUTO is a dual Silicon Carbide MOSFET module primarily intended for half-bridges with 30A continuous capability for both low-side and high-side. The two independent switches can be used in parallel to deliver a total of 60A with a breakdown voltage in excess of 1200V and a low on-resistance of 23 mΩ at 25°C and 50 mΩ at 225°C at VGS=20V.

High operating frequencies can be used thanks to the low switching losses of the SiC transistors. CHT-PLUTO also embeds freewheeling Schottky diodes with a low forward voltage Vf that reduces the power dissipation during dead times. Each switch can be controlled with a standard -5/+20V gate voltage.

CHT-PLUTO is available in a hermetically sealed 8-pin proprietary “HM8A” metal package with dimensions of 18 x 29 mm excluding mounting tabs. The devices are electrically isolated from the case of the package. The module features a junction-to-case thermal resistance of 0.7°C/W for each 30A channel. Two additional sources connectors allow for connection to the gate driver.

CHT-PLUTO is suitable for implementing a half bridge for applications such as power converters, inverters or motor drives. When placing the two switches in parallel, CHT-PLUTO can handle 60A with a lower Rth of 0.35°C/W. Several modules can also be paralleled to handle even higher current.

Cissoid’s recently announced high temperature gate driver technology, HADESv2, is a suitable companion device to drive CHT-PLUTO. Thanks to its high peak current capability and its high dV/dt robustness, HADESv2 allows for very fast switching, reducing the power dissipation in the module. With these optimisations, the power designer can increase the operating frequency and hence select lower values for the passive components (input/output filters, decoupling capacitors) saving cost, volume and weight. The combination of CHT-PLUTO and HADESv2 opens the door for the implementation of very compact and highly integrated power converters / motor drivers with power rating from a few kW to tens of kW, working reliably up to 225°C.

Pierre Delatte, CTO at Cissoid, said: “CHT-PLUTO is the second product in our offering for power switches at high temperature / high voltage. After CHT-NEPTUNE, our 10A/1200V single switch introduced in 2013, CHT-PLUTO brings a half bridge module with higher current rating and still supporting the extreme environments from -55°C to +225°C.”



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