High voltage processes added to Europractice MPW schedule

High voltage processes added to Europractice MPW schedule

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The processes are X-Fab’s 0.18-micron SOI HV process (XT018) and a 0.18-micron junction-isolated HV process (XH018).

XT018 has a 200V capability and an operating temperature range of -40 degrees C to + 175 degrees C. It is useful where multiple voltage domains are required on a single chip and for bidirectional isolation, such as in piezo-actuators and capacitive-driven micromechanics.

The XH018 process supports a similar high voltage with non-volatile memory (NVM) capability including Flash and NVRAM IP making suitable for automotive applications, for motor control, and power management and power conversion in industrial, medical and consumer systems.

The way the service works is that Europractice service manages the sale of space on the MPW and aid customers in getting their designs ready for inclusion and then X-Fab runs the MPW through its fab. This gives startup companies and academic institutions access to advanced IC manufacturing in small volumes and at low cost. The Europractice MPW schedule for 2014 was available here when this story was first posted.

The Europractice IC services, administered by IMEC and Fraunhofer Institutes, also supports dedicated wafer runs allowing companies to build up from prototypes to production volumes. X-Fab’s HV processes join digital, mixed-signal, RF and digital processes available from AMS, TSMC, UMC On Semiconductor and access to MEMS processes from Memscap.

"Offering technologies to integrate more and more functions in one IC, such as analog components, high-voltage electronics, non-volatile memories and controllers is X-Fab’s core competency. We believe that our collaboration with IMEC offers new opportunities for semiconductor researchers and developers in Europe to continue to innovate in the field of More than Moore," said Rudi De Winter, CEO of X-Fab, in a statement.

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