Highest-resolution single-chip mmWave sensors enable intelligent autonomy

Highest-resolution single-chip mmWave sensors enable intelligent autonomy

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IWR6x mmWave sensors have on-chip processing capabilities to provide real-time decision-making and signal processing. The sensors include antenna-on-package offerings to simplify radio-frequency (RF) design and shrink size by up to 75%, while reducing overall cost. The IWR6x sensors provide up to 4 GHz of ultra-wide bandwidth to detect objects and motion up to 16 times more accurately than 24-GHz narrowband solutions.

Key features:

• Integrated processing capabilities enable the sensor to reduce false positives and make real-time decisions, eliminating the need for a microcontroller or processor in many systems.

• Ultra-wideband mmWave sensors detect objects, people, and motion with up to 16 times greater resolution than 24-GHz sensors.

• mmWave technology enables smarter people counting, motion detection, robotics, safety guards, vital sign monitoring, and more.

• 60-GHz mmWave sensors improve the accuracy of existing systems by operating in crowded spaces.

• With a platform that includes antenna-on-package, a scalable software platform, application-specific algorithms, and multiple reference designs, designers can get started immediately.

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