Highly insulated CAN measurement module captures up to 1500V

Highly insulated CAN measurement module captures up to 1500V

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By Nick Flaherty

imc Test & Measurement in Berlin has launched a CAN measurement module that can be used to perform measurements in high-voltage environments with up to 1500V for battery testing and electric vehicles.

The CANSASfit HISO-HV-4 measurement module is aimed at test engineers and research and development (R&D) professionals.

The HISO-HV-4 measurement module is designed to capture differential voltages up to 1500V and has 1000V CAT II and reinforced insulation. Four channels, equipped with banana laboratory terminals, deliver measurement data via CAN-Bus with a maximum data rate of one kilohertz per channel.

It extends the series of imc CANSASfit measurement modules which includes numerous ultra-compact and robustly designed modules for CAN-based test tasks.

These include data acquisition (DAQ) during mobile tests or trials and allow direct connection of all typical signals such as voltage, current, temperature, rotational speed, displacement and velocity. In addition, the highly insulated measurement fit-modules are suitable for measuring directly in high-voltage environments such as mobile applications or test benches in the field of e-mobility or battery testing.

The very small CANSASfit clickable housing allows direct mechanical and electrical docking to other fit- modules, in particular to the complementing HISO module types HISO-T-8 and HISO-UT-6 which are designed for measurements of temperature sensors (TC, RTD), low voltages and MEMS accelerometers, all riding on high voltage (HV) potentials.

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