‘Horizontal’ IoT Implementations

‘Horizontal’ IoT Implementations

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By Wisse Hettinga

oneM2M brings together all components in the IoT solution stack

IoT implemantations are very much vertical operations. You have a sensor, you have data, you have analysis – all in a ‘silo’ based structure. We end up with a collection of ‘silos’ resulting in a over-specification of components and protocols. The more horizontal approach allows for sharing a middle-ware, a horizontal layer between devices and communications networks and IoT applications

oneM2M brings together all components in the IoT solution stack. It avoids reinvention in favor of reusing existing technology components and standards.

This standardizes links between connected devices, gateways, communications networks and cloud infrastructure. It allows developers to mix and match components from different vendors.

oneM2M is a general-purpose standard that applies to all industry verticals. This ensures a high degree of re-use. It also means that vertical applications can interoperate with one another. This ability to work across application silos adds significant value and promotes innovation.

More information on this subject at oneM2M


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