HSPA+ power amplifiers offer up to 51 percent peak efficiency

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RFMD’s RF724x power amplifiers support ultra-high peak efficiency of 48%-51%, significantly above current competitive offerings. Additionally, when combined with one of RFMD’s companion DC-DC converters or with chipsets featuring on-chip DC-DC converter functionality, RFMD’s RF724x power amplifiers can deliver best-in-class DG.09 performance as low as 13 mA – directly translating into superior 3G talk time. RFMD’s RF724x product family is comprised of five PAs covering WCDMA bands 1, 2, 4, 5 and 8, addressing the most common 3G/4G frequency bands and band combinations.

All RF724x power amplifiers are packaged in a standardized 3×3 mm footprint, improving smartphone platform flexibility and ease of implementation. RFMD’s RF724x power amplifiers also feature an integrated high directivity coupler, standard 2-bit GPIO control logic, and low insertion phase shift between bias states.

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