Human or Not? The largest Turing Test in history

Human or Not? The largest Turing Test in history

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By Wisse Hettinga

AI21 Labs concludes largest Turing Test experiment to date

Since its launch in mid-April, more than 15 million conversations have been conducted in “Human or Not?”, by more than two million participants from around the world. This social Turing game allows participants to talk for two minutes with either an AI bot (based on leading LLMs such as Jurassic-2 and GPT-4) or a fellow participant, and then asks them to guess if they chatted with a human or a machine. The gamified experiment became a viral hit, and people all over the world have shared their experiences and strategies on platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

After analyzing the first two million conversations and guesses, here are the main insights from the experiment so far:

  • 68% of people guessed correctly when asked to determine whether they talked to a fellow human or an AI bot.
  • People found it easier to identify a fellow human. When talking to humans, participants guessed right in 73% of the cases. When talking to bots, participants guessed right in just 60% of the cases.

Find all the results and insights here


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