Humidity, temperature measurement for climate control applications

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Besides relative humidity and temperature, the EE210 calculates further physical quantities such as dew point temperature, absolute humidity and mixing ratio. Two of the measured and calculated values are available on the freely configurable analogue voltage or current outputs.

The combination of encapsulated measurement electronics inside the sensing probe and HCT01 humidity sensor with protective coating enables the use of the EE210 under harsh and aggressive environmental conditions.

The enclosure of the EE210 provides protection against contamination. Thanks to the external mounting holes the housing remains closed during installation and so the electronics is protected from construction site pollution or mechanical damage. This feature also minimises installation costs.

Up to three individually selectable measurement values can be shown simultaneously on the optional display. The smooth cover surface avoids accumulation of dust in protruding edges.

EE210 transmitters are available for wall or duct mounting. Typical applications are agriculture (stables, incubators, hatchers, green houses), storage rooms, cooling chambers or indoor pools.

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