Hyundai shows redesigned fuel cell truck XCIENT

Hyundai shows redesigned fuel cell truck XCIENT

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The redesigned fuel cell truck is aimed at accelerating the model’s global rollout. Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility, a joint venture between Hyundai Motor and H2 Energy, is also working on concepts to introduce the XCIENT Fuel Cell in other European markets.

The new version of the fuel cell truck is now equipped with a 180 kW hydrogen fuel cell system consisting of two stacks of 90 kW each. Earlier plans had envisaged two stacks of 95 kW each. The longevity of the fuel cell system and the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle have been improved to better meet the needs of commercial fleet customers. The 350 kW electric motor offers 2,237 Nm of torque, enabling powerful driving performance even on inclines in mountainous regions.

The XCIENT Fuel Cell can store a total of 31 kilograms of hydrogen in seven hydrogen tanks, and three 72-kWh high-performance batteries act as an additional energy source. The heavy-duty truck can travel around 400 kilometres on one tank of hydrogen. Depending on the ambient temperature, the seven hydrogen tanks can be completely refilled in about eight to 20 minutes.

The revised XCIENT Fuel Cell will also be available as a 6×2 chassis with a double rear axle in addition to the 4×2 variant with the introduction of the 2021 model year.

Hyundai already delivered 46 units of the XCIENT Fuel Cell to Switzerland in 2020. With a cumulative range of 750,000 kilometres, these trucks are already estimated to have saved 585 tonnes of carbon emissions compared to diesel-powered vehicles.

As part of its plan to deliver another 1,600 units of the fuel cell truck to Europe by 2025, Hyundai will hand over another 140 units of the XCIENT Fuel Cell in Switzerland by the end of this year. “Customers are very satisfied with the quality and driving comfort of the truck. We are also hearing a lot of interest in it outside Switzerland. We are very confident that we will see the XCIENT Fuel Cell truck on the road in other countries next year,” says Mark Freymüller, CEO of Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility. However, a launch in the German market, the largest in the EU, is not planned.

However, the manufacturer intends to introduce the XCIENT Fuel Cell to the North American market later this year. Hyundai is in talks with several local governments and logistics companies in the USA to establish a possible joint operation of hydrogen-powered trucks.

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