Hyundai to create separate passenger sound zones

Hyundai to create separate passenger sound zones

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Anticipating a huge adoption of car-sharing and autonomous driving with more entertainment options, the car maker designed a system that decreases or increases wavelengths of sounds from multiple speakers in a car, in effect performing a type of beam-forming that allows drivers and passengers sitting in the front seats and backseats to listen to different music without interference.
“This system is necessary for autonomous driving, because passengers want more entertainment in self-driving cars,” Korea Times quotes research fellow Ih Kang-duck, developer of the system. “Passengers may regard a song that excites a driver as a noise. The system guarantees each passenger the choice of their own songs.”

For example, drivers could listen to the radio, while passengers could listen to songs. As the passengers can listen to different music without wearing earphones or headphones, they can continue their conversations with each other while listening to music.

The system also enables drivers to make private phone calls via Bluetooth hands-free car kits without letting the conversation be heard by the other passengers, claims the car maker. “The alarms and voice messages from navigations are necessary for drivers, but not for passengers,” Ih said. “Passengers will be able to enjoy silent rides thanks to the system”, the news website quotes.

Hyundai began research on the separated sound zone control system back in 2014 and anticipates the system will be embedded into production cars within a couple of years.

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