IBM unveils beta of next-gen quantum development platform

IBM unveils beta of next-gen quantum development platform

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By Rich Pell

The IBM Q Experience beta, says the company, offers users the opportunity to write and execute code to run on real quantum hardware and graphically compose and optimize quantum circuits – the sets of instructions given to a quantum computer. Users can work with circuits to develop algorithms, save and share experiments, and access quantum computing resources from a single browser.

“We now provide an improved fully integrated quantum circuit composer,” says the company in a blog post announcement. “Our new Circuit Composer feature lets you build more complex quantum circuits than ever before to run on a variety of simulators and IBM Q physical quantum systems. Visualization tools show you changes in the simulated quantum states of the qubits as you compose your circuit. When you program with the text editor, you can watch your circuit change graphically in real time.”

The revamped IBM Q Experience beta now gives the quantum developer community a way to work with Qiskit, an open-source framework for quantum computing, in the cloud using Jupyter Notebooks directly within a single environment, which help organize experiments and work in one place.

“Science and the industry have begun exploring near-term applications where a quantum computer can be used alongside a classical computer to solve specific problems,” says the company. “These quantum computing pioneers will be the first to see the technology’s true potential, and IBM will be there to fully support their efforts. Over the next few years the effects of quantum computing will reach beyond the research lab. The technology will be used extensively by new categories of professionals and developers looking to solve problems considered unsolvable using classical computers.”

The company says it plans to continue to expand and improve IBM Q Experience, with updates to Qiskit and additional APIs catering to different users. IBM Q Experience, says the company, will continue to be a “one-stop shop” for everything users need in a quantum computing platform.

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