IC provides fully adaptive RF PA linearisation over 225 MHz to 3800 MHz

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As the 3rd generation of RF PA linearisers (RFPALs), this devices provides improved correction and functionality over the previous generations. The SC1894 is a fully adaptive, RFin/RFout predistortion linearisation solution optimised for a wide range of amplifiers, power levels, and communication protocols. The SC1894 uses PA output and input signals to adaptively generate an optimised correction function in order to minimise the PA’s self-generated distortion and impairments. Using RF-domain analogue signal processing enables the SC1894 to operate over wide-signal bandwidths and consume very low power.

The SC1894 goes beyond linearisation and provides accurate RF power measurement of RFIN and RFFB. Advanced features including spectral monitoring and ACLR alarm are also available. These optional features are accessed through the SC1894’s serial peripheral interface (SPI) bus.

Features include;

  1. Fabrication in standard CMOS;
  2. Fully adaptive correction;
  3. Up to 28 dB ACLR and 38 dB IMD improvement;
  4. External reference clock support: 10, 13, 15.36, 19.2, 20, 26, and 30.72 MHz;
  5. Low power consumption;
  6. Duty-cycled (9%) Feedback: 600 mW;
  7. Full adaptation: 1200 mW;
  8. Frequency range: 225 MHz to 3800 MHz;
  9. Input signal bandwidth: 1.2 MHz to 75 MHz;
  10. Packaged in 9 x 9 mm QFN package;
  11. Operating case temperature: -40°C to +100°C;
  12. Backwards compatible with SC1887/69/89;
  13. Dual-RF power measurement.

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