ICES 267 features Intel Core Mobile Processor

ICES 267 features Intel Core Mobile Processor

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The Type 2 (125 mm x 95 mm) COM Express Module pairs an Intel QM67 Platform Control Hub with 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor Family and one DDR3 SO-DIMM memory socket up to 4GB. This technology enhances overall performance by up to 20% and offers a 30% increase in graphics performance compared to the previous generations, and thus guarantees excellent computing performance

As demand increases for larger screen sizes, so the demand for HD quality video has increased. In response to these demands of this rapidly developing market, Nexcom’s ICES 267 supports the very latest in Intel HD Graphics technology giving it the capability to support Full HD video making it suitable for use in graphics intensive and multimedia applications.

ICES 267 COM Express Module featuring 2nd generation Intel Core processor has exceptional computing power and because it boasts a multitude of expansion options and scalable I/0 it is used in conjunction with application specific carrier board to develop first to market embedded solutions.

The ICES 267 can be inserted into any customer-oriented carrier board and therefore provides great expansion possibilities. Outstanding computing performance as well as the graphic handling ability for gaming machine, medical and military applications.


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