IDC-PCB terminal with only 2.9 mm total height

IDC-PCB terminal with only 2.9 mm total height

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ERNI Electronics GmbH enables reliable PCB connections in extremely miniaturized applications like bulbs or LED systems. The new IDC-PCB terminal with a total height of only 2.9 mm eliminates manual preparation of wires prior termination. The IDC dual contact provides a reliable gas tight connection to conductor of wire. This means that the costly and unreliable hand soldering can be replaced and no special tool is required for termination
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The total dimensions (2.4 mm x 2.2 mm x 2.9 mm) and the required PCB space are significant smaller compared to other solutions. A termination cap provides strain relief and keeps the wire in place. In addition variants with wire stop or for daisy chain applications are available. Despite the small dimensions a high current rating of max. 5.5 A at 20 °C is specified. The new IDC-PCB terminals are available for AWG 24 wire (solid wire) with wire diameter of 0.5 mm and cable diameter of 0.75 mm.

The reliable new IDC-PCB terminals are shipped in tape and reel packaging with 5000 pieces/tape for automated pick and place assembly.

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