Identiv taps European tech for sensing tags

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By Nick Flaherty

Indentiv in the US has signed deals with two European companies for key technologies for battery-free sensing in the Internet of Things (IoT).

It has launched a range of secure, battery free sensing RFID tags for the IoT using chips from Dutch firm NXP. It has also signed a strategic agreement with Wiliot of Israel to build and use the self-powered Bluetooth IoT Pixels

Identiv’s latest range of NFC tags is among the first available with NXP NTAG Semiconductors 22x DNA chips, adding unique capabilities for advanced anti-counterfeiting, new tamper detection and batteryless condition sensing.

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The NFC sensing tags are aimed at application such as retail, smart packaging, supply chain control (e.g., blockchain), and augmented user experiences. The tags secure everyday objects in mobile anti-counterfeit authentication applications and closed-loop systems, tamper proof medications, beverages, and consumables, and senses specific conditions such as moisture, pressure, or fill level powered by an NFC field, all without a battery.

The sensing tags with conductive and capacitive capabilities are suitable for status-aware applications along the supply chain, verifying fill levels for refill orders or patient compliance, and wet/dry sensing for smart wound recovery or skin patches.

“Our collaboration with Identiv catalyzes our constant quest for innovation in the smart, secure product space,” said Philippe Dubois, NXP Semiconductors Vice President and General Manager Secure Edge Identification. “The NTAG 22x DNA series, NXP’s new NFC single-chip solutions, provide CC EAL3+ certified security, dual-mode tamper detection, and simple battery-free sensing for a broad range of IoT applications. With Identiv’s specialized tagging solutions for the NTAG 22x DNA series, manufacturers can now protect product authenticity and integrity, while enabling a new level of condition monitoring to assure product quality and correct handling.”

The innovative status detection products enable advanced IoT security with a Secure Unique NFC (SUN) message authentication feature using AES-128 cryptography. SUN dynamically verifies message authenticity and integrity. Mutual authentication can further enhance security by protecting data against unauthorized access or malicious change attempts.

“As the demand for status detection and sensing solutions grow, Identiv is proud to expand our strategic collaboration with NXP to bring our customers and the broader market the latest in innovative technologies,” said Amir Khoshniyati, VP and general manager of the Transponders Business at Indentiv.

Identiv’s RFID and NFC systems verify identities and security in the IoT and are embedded in billions of everyday objects, including medical devices, books, toys, athletic apparel, perishable, and pharmaceuticals.

The deal with Wiliot will see Indentiv using Wiliot’s battery -free Bluetooth (BLE) IoT Pixels for mass IoT applications. This can also be used in smart packaging, including tracking cold chain, temperature, moisture, and movement.

Identiv is a strategic developer and production partner for Wiliot, which has moved to providing software services for its Pixels.

“The movement to add intelligence and connectivity to trillions of everyday things is being driven by an ecosystem of companies that share a vision of where the Internet of Things is going — companies that have the experience, expertise, and capacity to make it happen,” said Tony Small, Chief Business Officer at Wilot. “The potential to make products safer, better quality, and more sustainable is very exciting. We are delighted that Identiv is bringing their unique track record of experience with some of the most sophisticated IoT technology to this ecosystem.”

“As we continue our growth as a leading IoT manufacturer and solution provider, we have partnered with Wiliot to meet the production demands of the mass market interested in connecting billions of everyday items simultaneously over-the-air with widely adopted smart devices,” said Khoshniyati at Indentiv. “We are well positioned to efficiently scale the innovative IoT Pixels globally and our partnership with Wiliot is already driving results with many credible names, including leaders in the food and beverage market.”;;

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