Imagination and NetSpeed partners on SoC fabric

Imagination and NetSpeed partners on SoC fabric

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Fabrics are the on-chip connection technologies that are vital to complex IP platforms and SoCs, where several high-performance processors such as CPU, GPU, communications and memory are integrated together. Non-coherent fabrics are ideal for many embedded and mainstream systems. Coherent fabrics are the latest example of moving advanced interconnect technologies traditionally used in high-end servers and networking devices into mainstream mobile, consumer, and also automotive applications.

Designs for today’s sophisticated electronics can include upwards of 10 IP cores for mainstream products and can exceed 100 cores for high-end multicluster networking or compute solutions. This adds tremendous complexity for chip designers and manufacturers who must painstakingly interconnect the many IPs and integrate them in to their designs while meeting tight product development timelines.

NetSpeed has developed on-chip networking technology that greatly simplifies and automates this task, and enables SoC architects to design, configure and simulate on-chip interconnect solutions that are guaranteed to meet power, performance and area requirements in a fraction of the time normally required. Imagination has adopted NetSpeed’s network-on-chip technology and tools and is enhancing and building on these with its IP platform and SoC focused technologies including OmniShield™ capable security components, advanced I/O Memory Management Unit features and state-of-the-art Quality of Service capabilities.

Co-founder and CEO of NetSpeed, Sundari Mitra sees huge benefits to using a cache coherent on-chip interconnect, as an optimal way to achieve performance in today’s complex, highly integrated SoC designs.

While working on new solutions with NetSpeed, the IP vendor understands that SoC fabric is a key differentiator for many semiconductor designers and vendors and makes its MIPS and PowerVR IP cores compatible with all major commercial and proprietary bus fabrics.

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