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More than 400 high-ranking executives and technologists – drawn from imec’s industrial partners and research universities – will attend. The 2013 ITF will be opened with a keynote by Luc Van den hove, imec’s president and chief executive officer: "The sum of minds – Expect the Unexpected".

His programmatic speech will outline the future of various high-tech industries and how they will shape our everyday lives. "When two or more technologies converge", Van den hove says, "the unexpected happens. True innovation happens when you dare to look beyond your own discipline". In the same vein, the second keynote – "Expanding the technology envelope in an age of consolidation" – given by Mike Mayberry, corporate vice president technology at Intel, promotes the money-saving virtues of interdisciplinary collaboration. "Industry consolidation implies fewer resources available to sponsor the much needed long-range research." Mayberry explains how semiconductor research depends on new materials and nanometer structures to improve the traditional metrics of performance, power and cost.

A third keynote setting the tone of the 2013 ITF is titled "The new mobile computing paradigm". It is given by James Thompson, executive vice president engineering at Qualcomm Technologies. Mobile devices are important product drivers for the semiconductor industry, reflecting an insatiable demand for high performance, rich features, sleek designs and extended battery life. Thompson’s talk outlines Qualcomm’s mobile computing vision, with technology innovations required to meet future product challenges and the value proposition of a strong fabless semiconductor ecosystem.

"Technology challenges and opportunities: An outlook into 2020" is the heading of a keynote by Carlos Diaz, director of advanced device technology at TSMC. Another presentation, given by Ali Sebt, president and chief executive officer at Renesas, will sketch the considerations for a "Smart society, the sensing era and the signal chain". Core technologies for a Smart Society are sensors that gather real-time information about the environment, microcontrollers that act with intelligence, and analog and power components.

Gerhard Fettweis, professor and head of the Vodafone Chair Mobile Communications Systems at Technical University Dresden, Germany, will refer about "The next big wireless wave – the tactile internet." Tactile control of the on-line environment, Fettweis says, will lead to breakthrough applications in health care, sports, automotive, factory automation, education, smart grid implementation, and many much. As a continuation of this thread, Peter Peumans, director of bio-nanoelectronics research at imec will talk about "How nanoelectronics is revolutionizing healthcare".

Rick Wallace, chief executive officer and president of KLA-Tencor will talk about "Equipment suppliers in the core of innovation". Aaron Thean, R&D program director logic devices at imec, will discuss "Challenges & enablers of logic scaling in the next ten years", which require new transistor architectures, energy efficient interconnects and system integration. Thean’s presentation will also cover 3D-IC concepts that are becoming mainstream means to address energy efficiency at system-level integration.

"Specialty imagers, driving the revolution of machine vision & life-science instrumentation" is the topic of Jerome Baron, product marketing manager imaging at imec. "Future memory technology: where do we go from here" is the presentation given by Jan Van Houdt, a program director at imec. "Sensing the world with millimeter-waves" is the timely topic presented by Wim Van Thillo, mmWave sensing team leader at imec. Eric Beyne, imec’s program director of 3-D system integration, will talk about "High-bandwidth chip-to-chip interfaces: interposers, 3D stacking and optical I/Os". And, finally, Paul Heremans, technology director at Holst Centre and an Imec Fellow, will give an outlook on "The plastics revolution of electronics".

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