Improved dielectric material yields higher reliability for eWLB packages, extends its use cases

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Because in eWLB packages, the dielectric layer is the main glue, it should have excellent mechanical stability. According to Steffen Kroehnert, Director of Technology at Nanium, the new dielectric material exhibits twice the tensile strength of traditional solutions, while featuring ten times the elongation to break. It also withstands higher temperature cycling, over 1000 cycles in the component-level-based temperature cycling test (TCT -55 to 125°C), according to JEDEC JESD47 (condition B) and 1,000 cycles in the board-level-based temperature cycling on board test (TCoB -40 to 125°C), according to IPC-9701 (condition TC3).

“We are working on widening our FOWLP technology to match automotive requirements, testing the materials at over 125ºC too”, explained Kroehnert . “This makes eWLB very attractive to replace bulkier lead-frame packages and extends our existing technology platform into the more demanding medical, automotive and space market” he added. 



Basic construction Fan-Out WLP eWLB (embedded Wafer Level Ball Grid Array) with single die embedded



The new material was already tested in eWLB products to cover a wide range of package configurations, with varying package size and thickness. The use of silicon interposers would be the next step in package miniaturization, but it is not cost-competitive with PCB-based fan-out wafer-level packaging.

“While the current BGA ball-pitch standards are 500, 400 or 350µm, we can work with pitches down to 200 or even 100µm, hence we still have quite some margin to scale down our packages before the more expensive silicon interposers come into play at even finer pitches”.


Schematics of multi-die integration in eWLB based wafer level System-in-Package (WLSiP) with 2 active dies and 8 passives



The company also has the capability to integrate passives components (replacing up to 50 discrete parts) into its eWLB products. What’s more, in cooperation with Europe’s leading PCB manufacturer AT&S, Nanium is developing a way to embedded the eWLB packages on top of PCB substrates.


The company has also renewed its cooperation contract with the Georgia Tech 3D Systems Packaging Research Center, maintaining its role as Supply Chain Member, which gives Nanium a view on new customer requirements at finer pitches.

“By identifying the trends in packaging, seeing where customers want to go, we are better able to look for new directions in R&D, new materials”, commented Kroehnert.

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