Industrial 2GB and 4GB DDR3 SODIMMs with heat spreader

Industrial 2GB and 4GB DDR3 SODIMMs with heat spreader

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The dual sided heat spreader is attached with a thermally conductive tape and increases the heat dissipating area, thus reducing the critical high case temperatures which otherwise might lead to failing bits. The target applications for these DDR3 modules are COM or SBC boards or specialized notebooks for operation under high ambient temperature.

By keeping the maximum thickness below 5 mm and the height below 31.5mm these SODIMMs still fit into the standard socket and the regular keepout area for the memory modules. The SODIMMs are available in industrial temperature grade of -40°C to +95°C (TCase), allowing for further flexibility in operating environment where cooling resources may be limited.

For systems operating in aggressive environmental conditions Swissbit offers additional conformal coating. In this case a thin, but impenetrable film of Polyurethane covers the PCB and the DRAM components and protects the PCB traces and lead connections against corrosion, leaving the gold contact fingers of the edge connector uncovered.
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