Industrial-Grade DRAM modules for FPGAs

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By Nick Flaherty

Innodisk has launched industrial-grade DRAM modules for FPGA (field-programmable gate array) applications that open the door to new opportunities for system integrators and network operators. 

The industrial-grade modules provide wide temperature support from -40–85℃ with single or dual rank form factors for AI and IoT applications up to 32GBytes. “We expect this to be a game-changer that can roll with the tide of AI,” said Samson Chang, Global DRAM Vice President of Innodisk. “Industrial-grade DRAM is key to the integration of FPGAs in applications like AI and IIoT.”

The $5.9bn FPGA market is expected to see a 7.6 percent average annual growth rate over the next five years, fueled primarily by increased AI and IoT adoption. The moves of major industry players further support these indications of future growth.

“Innodisk‘s DRAM modules provide large capacity, low-latency memory access for FPGAs,” said Chang said. “And we provide complete form factor industrial-grade options for industries where reliability is tantamount.”

The modules include anti-sulfuration to protect DRAM silver alloys against sulfur corrosion as well as a HumiSeal conformal coating to protect from dust, dirt, and corrosion. A side fill process ensures the memory devices are planer to the module board to minimise pressure on the chip-to-PCB solder joints.

“Since 2005, Innodisk has been innovating new DRAM and storage technology products for industry and embedded computers,” said Chang. “We’re proud of our DRAM modules for FPGAs because they anticipate and solve our customers’ future AI and IoT needs for FPGA systems.”

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