Industrial-grade panel controls target avionics

Industrial-grade panel controls target avionics

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The new panel controls from Bourns include push-pull switch and rotary switch designed for industrial, medical and aerospace/avionics applications. Designated the Model 54, the new ½-inch panel control is an extension of its Model 51/53 Series with an added double-pole, double-throw (DPDT) push-pull switch module.
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The Bourns Model 56 is a new ½” panel control and is also an extension of the Model 51/53 Series with an added single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) rotary switch module.  Both new products are high-performance alternatives to readily available consumer-grade potentiometers with push-pull and rotary switches. 

Developed to match the requirements of a broad range of industrial, medical and aerospace/avionics applications, Bourns’ new panel control models are claimed to be particularly well-suited for use in test and measurement and communications equipment. 

The Model 54 is also said to be an optimal solution for medical diagnostic and professional audio equipment, while the Model 56 is designed for use in avionics controls and medical laboratory equipment. The new models measure 12.5 mm and feature metal bushings and shafts, splash seals and a wide range of linear and audio resistance tapers. 

Rotational life for both models is 50k cycles with contact resistance at 100 mΩ for Model 54 and 30 mΩ for Model 56.  Both models are RoHS compliant.  Samples and production quantities are now available through Bourns authorised e-Commerce distributors. 

Data sheets with complete specifications are available on Bourns website at under Industrial Panel Controls.   

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