Industry’s first autofocus driver in ultra-thin packaging is ideal for compact camera modules

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The DRV201 is housed in TI’s PicoStar packaging, which is the industry’s thinnest package at 0.15 mm, enabling low-profile camera modules. DRV201 also integrates advanced ringing compensation in the silicon, to allow faster lens stabilization and to work well with a wider selection of lens and voice coil motor actuator suppliers. For samples and evaluation modules, visit

The auto focus function is generally the most power-hungry and battery-draining aspect of using the camera in smartphones and other mobile devices. By designing in PWM mode, the DRV201 reduces the power consumption of the auto focus function by 75 percent, which helps extend the battery life of devices that include a compact camera module.

The DRV201, which offers robust on-chip protection, is equipped with an advanced ringing compensation feature that results in a fast lens settling time for faster focus – 10-mS settling time compared to 150 mS without ringing compensation.

The DRV201 is available now in a 0.8-mm x 1.48-mm PicoStar package, priced at $0.95 in quantities of 1,000.

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