Infineon confirms dual-strand approach to GaN product portfolio

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The company has announced the expansion of its Gallium Nitride (GaN)-on-Silicon technology and product portfolio; Infineon now offers both enhancement mode (normally-off transistor) and cascode configuration (depletion mode, normally on with companion silicon driver transistor) GaN-based platforms.

“Infineon’s GaN-on-Silicon portfolio combined with the acquisition of International Rectifier’s GaN platform together with our partnership with Panasonic clearly positions Infineon as the technology leader in this promising GaN market,” claims Andreas Urschitz, President of the Power Management & Multimarket Division of Infineon Technologies AG. “In line with our ‘Product to System’ approach, our customers can now choose enhancement mode or cascode configuration technologies according to their application/system requirements. At the same time, Infineon is committed to developing Surface Mount Device (SMD) packages and ICs that will further leverage the superior performance of GaN in a compact footprint. As a real world example, using our GaN technology, a laptop charger found on the market today could be replaced by one that is up to four times smaller and lighter,” he added.

Infineon says its expanded offering will include dedicated driver and controller ICs which enable the topologies and higher frequencies that fully leverage the benefits of GaN. Its patent portfolio includes, the company notes, the GaN-on-Silicon epitaxy process and 100V-600V technologies resulting from the acquisition of International Rectifier. Additionally, through a strategic partnership with Panasonic Corporation, Infineon and Panasonic will jointly introduce devices utilising Panasonic’s normally-off (enhancement mode) GaN-on-Silicon transistor structure integrated into Infineon’s Surface Mount Device (SMD) packages, providing a highly efficient, easy-to-use 600V GaN power device with the added benefit of dual sourcing (reported here).

This allows Infineon to claim “the most comprehensive range of GaN technologies and products in the industry” along with, “complete system know-how [and access to] best-in-class manufacturing capabilities, volume capacity and second sourcing for normally-off GaN power devices in an Infineon SMD package”.

Infineon and Panasonic are showing samples of a 600V 70 mΩ device in a DSO package at APEC 2015 (Charlotte, North Carolina), together with demonstrations of both enhancement mode and cascode configuration technologies. Samples of enhancement mode and cascode devices will be available to customers under specific Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA). Fully released mid-voltage cascode devices are available for complying Class D Audio customers.



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