Infineon launches product portfolio for 40 nm payment cards

Infineon launches product portfolio for 40 nm payment cards

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Complementing its payment offering based on the latest 40 nm technology platform, Infineon has launched a new portfolio of SECORA™ Pay payment card products. Infineon Technologies AG has been the market leader for payment card ICs for the last eight years, with a current market share of 48 percent (ABI Research: ABI Payment and Banking Cards Secure IC Technologies, Q3 2021).

In recent years, there has been a noticeable trend toward contactless payment. However, with the challenging market conditions following the COVID-19 crisis, this development is clearly gaining momentum. According to ABI Research the payment card market is expected to increasingly shift to contactless solutions accounting for a global 76 percent dual interface share in 2021 up to 91 percent within the next five years.

The plug-and-play products leverage Infineon’s extensive expertise in contactless payment technology and uses its SOLID FLASH chip platform, which addresses new payment cards and devices while meeting the latest requirements. The portfolio includes new applets and customized value-added products for standard payment cards (SECORA Pay S), as well as multi-application cards (SECORA Pay X) and components for off-the-shelf solutions that can turn any device into a payment device (SECORA Pay W). In addition, the product portfolio provides applets of global (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) and domestic networks. It offers state-of-the-art contactless and personalization performance, allowing MasterCard contactless transactions of 200 ms.

SECORA Pay products based on 40 nm technology offers backward compatibility to existing SECORA Pay product offerings in terms of card production regarding antenna designs, personalization, and product certification. The family uses a security controller including certified software integrated in Coil on Module (CoM) chip modules and fine-tuned inlays for seamless card production. Since Infineon is using inductive coupling technology in combination with wire embedded card antennas the CoM system offers the highest flexibility in card designs. It is therefore a perfect fit to seamlessly address future market trends such as environmental friendly cards from recycled and ocean-bound plastic or wood, high performance dual interface metal or LED cards.

SECORA Pay supports the highest throughput in card production with minimum consumable material for manufacturing highly robust dual interface cards. As a result, contactless payment technology itself becomes resource-saving. In addition, new value added services based on SECORA Pay’s NFC tag functionality are offered as well allowing additional use cases like initial card activation.

The pre-certified SECORA Pay W with SPA2.1, a very small antenna on 35 mm film tape, addresses the growing demand for payment accessories and new payment form factors. The turnkey product, in combination with payment and tokenization services provided by partners, allows the easy integration of payment functionality into end-customer applications. It enables convenient contactless payment functionalities for wearables like wristbands, key fobs or other form factors.

Product versions supporting the latest Visa and MasterCard applications are available now. Additionally, applets supporting American Express, Discover and others will become available in Q1/2022.


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