Infineon teams for consumer indirect time of flight sensor

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By Nick Flaherty

Infineon Technologies has teamed up with pmdtechnologies in Germany on an indirect time of flight sensor (iToF) optimised for consumer applications.

Using a sensor that can handle indirect time of flight measurements provides more distance and location data in consumer designs such as smartphones, robot vacuum cleaners, drones as well as various IoT devices.

The IRS2975C imager sensor builds on the previous IRS2875C, adding a buried optical reflector. This boosts the quantum efficiency (QE) to the equivalent of back-side illumination (BSI) sensors while maintaining the cost advantage of front-side illumination (FSI) sensors.

The sensor has a half-quarter video graphics array (HQVGA) resolution of 240 x 180 pixels with a chip size of 18 mm 2 for a 1/6″ image circle. It offers high-sensitivity 10 µm pixels with SBI and enables highly integrated systems with low-power operation.

It is designed to support 2.8V supply rails and is combined with the IRS9102C VCSEL vertical cavity laser driver to reduce the bill of materials for camera modules and provides differentiating features for high-volume smartphone designs. The device also provides full laser safety functionality such as a unique eye protection mechanisms with flexibility for customizing use cases and output power.

The IRS2975C imager will enter mass production in early 2023.;


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