Inkron partners Nagase to develop optical materials for emerging displays

Inkron partners Nagase to develop optical materials for emerging displays

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Inkron, a specialist in printed siloxane based nano-ink and paste materials for the display, semiconductor and printed electronics industries, is to collaborate with Nagase to develop and manufacture materials for OLEDs and on-cell touch sensors.
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Major device makers are starting to shift away from LCD with LED backlight illumination to OLED displays which are thinner, have more vivid colors with high dynamic range function as well as improved luminance. OLED displays can also express new forms such as being rolled-up like a newspaper. Emerging displays, including fast growing markets such as automotive and signage, OLEDs market is predicted to reach a value of nearly $40 billion by 2020, with a growth of about 18% CAGR during the 2015-2020 period.

The collaboration relates to Inkron’s Optical Coating (IOC) products of photo-patternable dielectric and light control materials, where features such as novel optical properties as well as excellent processing suitability for OLED and on-cell touch sensors can be implemented. These capabilities include low temperature and ultraviolet cure processing as well as physical features such as well controllable optical properties and mechanical flexibility. The materials are compatible with major coating and manufacturing methodologies in OLED and touch sensors schemes.

"As unique material needs are arising with a new wave of OLED and flexible displays, we see Inkron’s advanced IOC products addressing well the market demand. This technology offers display solutions which are complementary with our current market offering and technology, and is also well suited to the volume manufacturing capabilities at our Nagase’s factory," explained General Manager Mr Takahiro Okumura, Electronic Chemicals Department of Nagase & Co., Ltd.

Final products produced under the agreement are being ramped up for volume production during 2016 at Nagase’s factory in Tatsuno, Japan and will be distributed to all major display manufacturing territories in Asia. Inkron will continue to further develop the materials in its R&D center in Finland as well as to provide key siloxane materials for the selected IOC products.

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