Innovative GaN on GaN LED claims wall-plug-efficiency record

Innovative GaN on GaN LED claims wall-plug-efficiency record

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Soraa plans to integrate the device into the market’s first full-visible-spectrum, large form factor lamps.

Soraa’s third generation (Gen3) GaN on GaN LED claims to outperform its nearest competitor by 20% at normal operating conditions.

In one year, Soraa has achieved a 30% increase in white lumen per watt (lm/W) efficiency compared with the company’s prior generation LED and aims to make the Gen3 LED available in the second quarter of 2014 in a variety of product offerings: modules, large form factor PAR and AR lamps, and MR16 lamps.

Soraa’s full-visible-spectrum PAR30L lamp, powered by its Gen3 LED, will lead the market not only in light output, but also in color and whiteness rendering; at CRI-95 and R9-95 it will achieve center-beam intensity (CBCP) of 28,250cd at 8° beam angle, 10% higher than the CRI-85 offering of the nearest competitor. Soraa’s large form factor lamps will feature all the signature elements of light quality that its customers are accustomed to: natural and accurate rendering of colors and whiteness, perfectly uniform beams of exceptionally high intensity, and clear single shadows.

“Soraa’s Gen3 GaN on GaN LED package is a major milestone for the LED industry and a truly disruptive innovation. We have achieved a 30% lm/W efficiency improvement over our previous generation white LEDs, and what’s amazing is that we expect to repeat these significant year-over-year performance gains in the future,” said Jeff Parker, CEO of Soraa.

Soraa’s Gen3 LED uses the properties of the native GaN substrate and a chip-on-board LED package design to create a robust, single point source that enables excellent beam control.

By adopting a proprietary three-phosphor combination, Soraa’s Gen3 LED emits full-visible-spectrum light (all the colors of the rainbow, including violet), which excites optical brightening agents and perfectly renders whiteness as well as colors.

Soraa’s GaN on GaN LED material allows reliable operation at high current densities. The material has 1000x fewer defects than conventional LEDs, which have GaN layers on cheaper foreign substrates like sapphire, silicon carbide, or silicon. Soraa’ LEDs emit 10x more light per unit area of LED material than conventional LEDs. GaN on GaN’s optical transparency and high thermal and electrical conductivity also enables a robust, simple LED design that delivers maximum light output and performance.

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