Innovative IP application classification probe improves network analysis

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R&S Net Sensor allows mobile and fixed network operators and service providers to extract meaningful network traffic information and subscriber behavior data as well as identify statistical trends, either in real-time or aggregated up to one year. R&S Net Sensor will be demonstrated at the LTE World Summit in Amsterdam (June 23-25) and is ipoque’s first release under the R&S brand.

Traffic analysis based on IP application classification delivers detailed insights into the traffic on the operator’s network, for instance per subscriber, protocol, location and devicetype. Traffic analysis monitors subscriber Quality of Service and enables operators to plan capacity to avoid network congestion and generate additional revenue through targeted marketing of new preferred application service options.

“Understanding the traffic on a network is essential to make smart investment decisions and identify new revenue-generation opportunities and this is what R&S Net Sensor delivers,” explained Dirk Czepluch, Managing Director and CTO at ipoque GmbH. “R&S Net Sensor is based on our leading application classification engine R&S PACE and provides the highest accuracy application and protocol detection and rich metadata extraction through passive probing at full line speed.”

R&S Net Sensor also features a special internal interface to R&S PACE which ensures that all updates to detection and metadata extraction performed on the R&S PACE software are reflected in the R&S Net Sensor’s output in real-time. Automatic remote updates to the IP classification library ensure that the probe capabilities stay current with minimal effort. This guarantees operators fast time to market for detection and classification of formerly unknown new applications and protocols. It is available at various line speeds from 1 Gbps to 40 Gbps to cater to the requirements of small networks through to the demands of large operators.

Operators can use R&S Net Sensor to make the following decisions:

Network management and planning:

Is it sufficient to invest in capacity expansion or is a traffic management solution required?

What proportion of traffic is video? Should the video optimization capability beenhanced?

What was the network traffic profile at a particular date and time when many customers complained of low data speed?

Marketing & product management

Do subscribers with a certain type of device consume more social media data?

Should we market a bundled offer including an unlimited social media plan together with a certain type of phone?

How do certain subscriber categories react to tariff changes, offers, events, etc.? Use this knowledge to refine the marketing strategy.

With the release of R&S Net Sensor, ipoque has become integrated into the Rohde & Schwarz brand. ipoque has been a subsidiary of the Munich based electronics group with a global salesand service network since 2013.


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